Service & Support

Dear Customer,

despite strict quality control in our manufacturing factories, in exeptional cases there are technical malfunctions possible.

In case of a defect please proceed as follows:

1) Return the device to the retail store, where it was bought. Do not send the defective device directly to us.

2) If you bring the unit back to the dealer, please note the following important points:
a) Make a written detailed description of the fault and put it to the device.
b) Insert a copy of your sales receipt to the device, since without it there can not be any warranty
c) If possible please repack the device into the original packaging

3) Check below tips before you return your device


A warranty is limited to the free replacement of defective parts that result from manufacturing or material defects and their free assembly.

For accessories which was forgotten into the devices (eg USB sticks, memory cards, CDs, LPs, cassettes, etc.) that did not belong to the original delivery, no liability is accepted.


There is NO warranty for damages which results from improper usage, wear and tear, the use of foreign spare parts and repairs by third parties.

1. Some devices have a key lock, which ensures that buttons do not work. Please check this in your manual.
2. Often helps a simple device reset. Disconnect the device from the power for ten seconds and then reconnect the device again to see if it works.
3. Verify that all cables are connected properly and batteries with full power loading was used (no recharcheable batteries).